Creekview Vineyards
Cuvee Sparkling Wine

Cuvee Sparkling Wine

The Look: This bubbly pours with a full head to a light straw color with extremely small bubbles when poured into a classic flute.

The Nose: A suggestion of citrus including grapefruit plus bread and a nuttiness that hints of spice to come.

The Taste: Hits the mouth with notes of citrus, honeydew melon and subtle apple with a finish that includes toasted almonds and vanilla.

This is an off dry "Extra Dry" style bubbly that works well with salads with fruity balsamic vinaigrettes and Thai, Indian Curry dishes and Sashimi with wasabi think spicy!

Bottle Price: $18 each
Case Price: $194.40 each

To purchase Creekview Wines please contact the winery at (408) 686-0534.

Creekview Vineyards currently ships to these states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Ohio, and Washington.